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Why Tangipahoa

I was born in New Orleans, LA in 1971.  I began coming to Tangipahoa Parish with my family as a young child.  My dad’s family owned a camp on Magnolia Island and my mom and step-dad owned property on Firetower Rd.  

I remember being at the camp and watching people float past the camp down the Tangipahoa river on weekends, fishing from the camp dock, and enjoying time with my family.  I remember going to my mom and step-dads property on Firetower rd.  to keep up the property.  I always enjoyed coming to Tangipahoa  with my parents for two reasons.  We always stopped at Badeaux’s for a strawberry malt with fresh Ponchatoula strawberries and we refilled empty milk jugs with fresh water from the artesian well on Hwy 51 just south of Ponchatoula.

Shortly after I graduated from high school my step dad retired and my parents moved to the property on Firetower rd.


In 2007 after recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina I married Amber Falcon.  Shortly after having our son, Donnie we bought our home in Bedico where we still live today. A few years later our daughter Lauren was born.


I graduated from Douglas County H.S. in Douglasville, GA in 1989. Unfortunately, my family did not have the resources to send me to college after I graduated.  However, I would not let that deter me from earning my college degree.  In 2009 I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and would continue on to earn my Master of Public Administration in 2012.  I went on to pursue my Doctorate in Political Science and completed all the course work; unfortunately, I became very ill while pursing my degree and was unable to complete the program prior to the program being ended due to state budget cuts.


In 2003 I joined the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff to begin my career in public service.  In over a decade of law enforcement service I have been assigned to the court house, patrol, traffic, warrant squad, major crimes task force, and served as the elected Constable since 2015.

I serve as a Board Commissioner and treasurer for the Tangipahoa Water District.  As your Water Board Commissioner I worked diligently with my fellow board commissioners to have a filter placed on the Bedico water well to correct the brown water issue.  Just recently, myself and my fellow water board commissioners have approved work to begin on a new water well on Hwy 22 near 445.  This new water well will ensure that the residents of the 8th ward have both quality water and good water pressure for years to come.   

Fighting for you

When my family moved to Bedico in 2008 the first thing I noticed is the water had a light brown color.  Then discoloration got worse and it began to have an awkward taste.  It was not the water I remember from my childhood.  After a lot of research and speaking to a lot of experts, I discovered that it was manganese.  I stood up and fought alongside my neighbors to clean up the water in Bedico.  In October of 2017 the filtration system that removes the manganese from our water system went on line.

I remember from my childhood that litter on the side of the road in Tangipahoa was a rarity.   Litter has serious consequences that are often not seen; it harms our wildlife, our estuaries, and even reduces water flow in our smaller drainage ditches.  Since being sworn in as your Constable I have conducted multiple litter enforcement campaigns every year, worked with parish and state officials to keep Tangipahoa beautiful.  During the 2016 floods I was actively assisted those in need of help.  During the recent flood in Bedico I was once again out in the area assisting residents stranded in the homes.   

In addition, as the Constable I have worked with various parish and state officials to improve issues for the Robert and Bedico area that  resulted from the uncontrolled growth in southern Tangipahoa.

I look forward to continuing to stand up for the people of  Robert and Bedico.

Don Marshall


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